Any Engineering Student dreams to be placed at Big Companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Cognizant, Accenture, TCS etc…

But many don’t know exactly what the companies are looking for in a Graduate , What relevant skills are required to be placed either it is Communication skills, Higher orders skills, Problem…

The council said students do not need to study the courses they have already studied in their first discipline when they take admission to the additional programme.

New Delhi: BTech students can take admission to other branches of Engineering, in addition to their main course, through lateral entry, The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) said. The council said it was receiving requests from students regarding admission to an additional BTech course through lateral entry.


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Any Engineering students of core stream do require a Software like Multism which is provided by National Instruments, but they are charging some money so here is the solution now download the software for free.

1)Start by clicking this link down below

2)Download the file

3)Unzip the file and extract it in your Computer

4)Run the install button , select/check all the required terms and conditions and any required fields.

5)After install completes go to the NI circuit Design Multism folder (which you have downloaded) and open crack file

6)Then run NI Licence activator 1.2 exe file

7)A dialog appears check all the options and save it

8)Thats it Restart Multism Software

Army researchers developed a new machine learning-based framework to enhance the security of computer networks inside vehicles without undermining performance.

With the widespread prevalence of modern automobiles that entrust control to onboard computers, this research looks toward to a larger Army effort to invest in greater cybersecurity protection measures for…

Using virtual reality to help students understand the brain’s complex systems, researchers demonstrate effectiveness of 3D visualization as a learning tool

Researchers from the Neuroimaging Center at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) and Wisconsin Institute for the Discovery at University Wisconsin-Madison have developed the UW Virtual Brain Project™, producing unique, interactive, 3D narrated diagrams to help students learn about the structure and function of perceptual systems in the human brain. …



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